Deaf Awareness Week

It is Deaf Awareness Week!!

Decibels believes in an inclusive world! We hope that everyone is taking up the challenge to learn some Sign Language!

One place that there should be deaf awareness is within the NHS, can you imagine being ill and nobody being able to tell you how, why or what is wrong? or maybe they don’t even tell you anything directly, because they are scared to try.

There have been many stories of scary and isolating experiences within the NHS, and it is clear that the lack of Sign Language knowledge in the health care profession is a serious problem.

Matthew Gurney’s story, tells us of his scary experience when he had to have his appendix out. Not only was he not given all the information he needed, the lack of deaf awareness throughout the staff is shocking and scary. Have a read here:

This heart breaking story of how Matt Dixon was expected to interpret for his ill father throughout his battle against cancer, lead to him having to sign to him that he was going to die. It makes us see that not only deaf people are affected by the lack of awareness and understanding in the NHS.

AND finally some hope… as this mother and nurse encourages the ward she works on to learn and use sign language. A wonderful attitude towards a change that should be made!

It is clear that there needs to be more deaf awareness within the NHS and the world. How will you make sure that you are deaf aware?

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